Why is Kitty So Mad? It May Be Redirected Aggression


We lately obtained a name for assist from a really confused cat father or mother. It appears her cat had instantly determined to assault everybody at random — the cat father or mother, the opposite cats, the canine … Having at all times been a candy and loving kitty, this new conduct perplexed the household. After ruling out medical points with their veterinarian, the kitty’s mother determined to e book a conduct session with us at Cat Conduct Alliance.

As we requested her questions concerning the cat’s conduct throughout our Zoom assembly, the explanation for the “unhealthy” conduct grew to become crystal clear: This was a traditional case of redirected aggression. What was truly the true supply of kitty’s aggression? New neighbors had moved in, and the sight of their cats open air within the yard drove the cat bonkers. Cats are at all times on guard for predators, and there was a potential predator proper subsequent door — one the cat may see however not attain. Unable to assault the true supply of frustration and anguish, kitty had turned the aggression towards any being that was shut sufficient to the touch.

What’s redirected aggression in cats?

Redirected aggression, additionally known as displaced aggression, is among the most typical conduct points in cats. Merely put, one thing occurred that precipitated the cat to react in concern, and their pure survival instincts took over. It’s the outdated “struggle or flight” reflex kicking in, the one which retains cats secure from turning into one other predator’s meal in nature.