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What To Do When a Large Canine Assaults Your Little Canine


Canine fights are scary. I’ve seen them occur and have skilled the shock and “paralysis” from not figuring out what to do.

I’ve solely skilled shut encounters involving my miniature Dachshunds however I’ve heard tragic big-dog assault tales from different Dachshund homeowners.

Sadly, at the least one in all them resulted of their canine dying.

Picture Credit score: Depositphotos/Kesu01

The danger of harm to your little canine if one other small canine assaults them is actual however sometimes not as extreme and scary as in the event that they have been attacked by a giant canine.

Under, based mostly on my expertise and analysis, I share methods to assist keep away from a giant canine attacking your little canine and what to do if it occurs.

UPDATE: This text was initially revealed in Could 2011.

The place a Large Canine Is Most Seemingly To Assault a Little Canine

In my expertise, canine fights can occur anyplace and between any two (or extra) canine.

Canine fights can happen between a giant and little canine which are strangers or between two which have been pals for some time.

Nonetheless, a giant canine is more than likely to assault your little canine outdoors of the house and won’t be one your canine has met beforehand.

Two of the most typical locations for canine fights are the canine park and at native parks, particularly when one or each of the canine are off leash.

Why A Large Canine Could Assault A Little Canine

There are various explanation why a giant canine would possibly assault your little canine.

It’s such a standard prevalence that veterinarians have coined a time period for it – Large Canine Little Canine or (BDLD)?

BDLD assaults are sometimes extraordinarily extreme and probably life-ending for the little canine concerned.

So why would a giant canine assault your small canine?

To redirect rigidity

As soon as I used to be driving down the street and noticed two canine being walked by the identical proprietor turn into overstimulated and very agitated once they noticed a canine throughout the road.

All of the sudden, each canine turned to what was close to them to take out their aggression – one another!

Whether or not it’s resulting from overstimulation or rigidity, a canine could turn into very careworn or pissed off and look to the closest factor to take it out on.

Even canine that know one another could battle to assist displace stress and rigidity.

That could possibly be your little canine if you’re standing shut sufficient.

As a result of their prey drive is triggered

The vast majority of canine have some sort of prey drive. 

It’s only a pure tendency handed down from a canine’s wild ancestors and/or the breed was developed to hunt recreation.

In case your canine runs, the bigger canine’s chasing and searching instincts are prone to kick in so the bigger canine might even see yours as prey to assault.

The massive canine perceives yours as a menace

Canine talk by way of physique language and a restricted set of noises like barking, growling, and whining.

It could appear unreasonable to you {that a} massive canine would see your little canine as a menace however measurement doesn’t actually matter on this case.

In case your small canine is performing in an aggressive method towards the bigger canine – both true aggression or concern and defensive actions that could possibly be misinterpreted – the bigger canine might imagine your small canine desires to battle them and assault.

Useful resource guarding

If one canine perceives that one other goes to take one thing extremely valued from them, they are going to usually attempt to defend it.

That is known as useful resource guarding.

Useful resource guarding usually occurs with toys, individuals, or meals.

If an proprietor throws a ball for his or her massive canine on the canine park and your little canine goes after it as a result of they love taking part in fetch too, the bigger canine may assault in an try to assert the ball as theirs.

Or if the bigger canine is standing close to its proprietor and your little canine comes too shut, the canine may assault yours in an try to guard its particular person.

Their area is threatened

Each canine has a private bubble that they might not need different canine to come back into.

Canine, like individuals, will really feel uncomfortable if one other canine comes too shut.

This usually explains why strolling your canine inside 5 toes one other could set off the opposite canine to begin barking and lunging at yours. 

The opposite canine’s bubble could also be bigger than 5 toes!

A extra apparent “bubble” can be a canine’s yard. 

That’s why, even if you’re strolling together with your canine on the sidewalk throughout the road, a canine could bark aggressively from behind the fence of their yard.

If a giant canine thinks your little canine is encroaching on their area, they might assault to defend it.

Within the yard, hopefully the fence retains the canine in however beware as a result of it’s not unusual for a giant canine to leap over a fence to go after one other canine.

Proactive Issues You Can Do to Assist Forestall a Canine Struggle

Whereas it’s by no means your fault if a giant canine assaults your little canine, there are some components you’ll be able to management in hopes of stopping one and holding your small canine secure in public settings.

These embody:

  • Being keenly conscious of your environment to keep away from any potential conflicts or dangerous conditions
  • Waiting for dominant physique postures from different canine corresponding to extended eye contact, and excessive tail and stiff-legged method, or a small freeze
  • Socializing your canine so that they know their manners round different canine
  • Educating them to behave neutrally to unusual canine
  • Educating your canine the “depart it” command so they are going to disengage their consideration from different canine
  • Maintain your canine on leash until they’ve a 100% dependable recall
  • Answering “no” when requested in case your canine is pleasant in case your little canine shouldn’t be pleasant to all canine all of the time
  • Advocating on your canine’s area by telling others that your canine doesn’t wish to be approached
  • Avoiding off-leash areas (both formal or the place you have got seen a lot of them)
  • Not permitting your canine to run round giant canine (both as much as or away from)
  • Giving giant canine loads of area
  • Staying relaxed (you) even if you’re nervous so your canine doesn’t choose up in your feelings and turn into upset
  • As a final resort, choose up your small canine and calmly stroll away (however bear in mind this may end up in damage if the massive canine jumps as much as try to get your canine).

If an off leash canine comes towards your little canine, be defensive. 

What I usually do is take a step or two towards the opposite canine and say, “Get!” in a robust and loud voice.

On the subject of defending your canine, be assertive and don’t fear about showing impolite.

This may usually catch the canine off guard and trigger them to show round and head the opposite approach. 

It additionally, hopefully, is loud sufficient for the proprietor to listen to so they arrive get their canine beneath management.

Additionally think about bringing one thing for protection (that received’t completely hurt the opposite canine however will scare them) like a strolling stick, pet corrector, or pepper spray, or whistle.

I admit I don’t consciously do that however I do carry a strolling stick once we hike and generally an air horn for defense towards wildlife.

Each of this stuff would additionally work as deterrents if a big, aggressive canine approached us.

The unhappy fact is, you’ll be able to’t at all times cease a giant canine from attacking a bit canine.

In over half of the tales I’ve heard, the proprietor of the little canine says, “the massive canine simply got here out of nowhere”.

Being shocked and rushed by a canine offers you little or no time to forestall the encounter or react.

Tips on how to Cease Large Canine From Attacking Your Little Canine

You could have heard a number of conflicting theories about what to do throughout a canine battle.

The underside line to me is, attempt no matter you’ll be able to till it really works whereas making an attempt to maintain your self as secure as attainable.

Additionally, remember that the “finest” suggestions for stopping a canine assault will not be related or acceptable when there’s a vital measurement distinction between the 2 canine.

I can say from expertise that the #1 factor it’s best to do if a giant canine assaults your little canine can also be the toughest to do – stay calm!

Including stress and panic to the state of affairs can escalate it and trigger the massive canine to double-down on their efforts to hurt your little canine.

Staying calm additionally helps you bear in mind and execute the right approach to answer a canine battle.

Don’t attempt to separate the canine as you’re prone to get bitten and it’s also possible to injure your canine additional if the opposite canine is not going to let go (pulling encourages the opposite canine to maintain maintain).

It’s so troublesome to not get into the center of the canine battle when yours is being injured but it surely’s the most secure factor to do.

Listed below are some issues you are able to do to reduce any hurt to your canine and attempt to break up the battle:

  • Let go of your canine’s leash so that they have an opportunity to run or battle again 
  • Yell for assist – each for the opposite proprietor to regulate their canine and to enlist assist of passers by
  • Attempt to distract the opposite canine from a distance with a loud noise like a clap or sharp whistle
  • Hit the attacking canine (it’s finest to do that with a stick or object, not your self), which can shock them and trigger them to launch your canine
  • Use an object to bodily separate the canine safely or at the least quickly break visible contact, which can assist the canine to interrupt aside, like a backpack or stick
  • Throw a blanket or jacket over every canine to allow them to not see one another
  • Slide a “break stick” – a robust flat stick – horizontally into the bigger canine’s mouth as near the again of the throat as attainable and twist. This may drive them to launch their grip.

When enlisting the assistance of others, beware that they might not know what to do, could also be uncomfortable intervening, and will do extra hurt than good.

Subsequently, it’s finest to ask them to do one thing particular.

One of the vital useful, and most secure, issues individuals can do to assist in case your canine is being attacked is to type a good circle across the canine battle.

This may assist to restrict the area for motion of the canine doing the assault. 

It could stop the canine from thrashing the small canine forwards and backwards, which does extra harm than a chew. 

You could have heard of the wheelbarrow approach the place every canine is grabbed by the again legs and lifted so they’re balancing on their entrance legs like a wheelbarrow. 

The canine are then walked backwards, away from one another and into separate areas.

On the subject of breaking apart a canine battle, I say attempt every little thing you’ll be able to. 

Nonetheless, I didn’t particularly suggest the wheelbarrow approach right here as a result of it might be extraordinarily troublesome or unimaginable to seize onto the again legs of the small canine.

Making an attempt to seize a bit canine’s again legs, as a result of they’re brief, may put your face proper in the midst of the battle, which is the final place you need it to be.

The wheelbarrow approach for breaking apart a canine battle isn’t actually efficient when one canine is considerably smaller than the opposite.

Additionally, as a result of some small breeds like Dachshunds are recognized for again points, you don’t wish to additional injure them by yanking on their again legs.

What to Do If Your Little Canine is Injured in a Canine Assault

As soon as your canine has been separated from the attacking canine, assess them for any seen damage.

Should you can, attend to that immediately to cease any bleeding or stabilize any damaged bones.

In case your canine is injured, your first precedence is probably going getting them to an emergency vet.

Nonetheless, if you happen to can, it’s best to do this stuff first:

  • Gather particulars from the opposite canine’s proprietor corresponding to title, contact data, and whether or not they have third-party pet insurance coverage or owners insurance coverage (each could presumably cowl any harm completed by their canine). 
  • If the massive canine’s proprietor is uncooperative, at the least take a photograph of their face and their canine.
  • If there have been any witnesses, attempt to get contact data from them.
  • Take photographs of the situation of the battle and of your canine’s accidents.
  • In case your canine has been injured, report it to the police or animal management.

Even when it doesn’t appear to be your canine was damage, chances are you’ll wish to think about taking them to the vet to get checked over.  

Many chew accidents are loads worse than they give the impression of being resulting from harm to the muscle tissues and tissue beneath the pores and skin and inside organs.

Remaining Ideas

What causes one canine to turn into aggressive in direction of one other is commonly unclear to us, and the explanations fluctuate.

The very best factor you are able to do is attempt to reduce threat and forestall a canine battle within the first place.

However lots of instances it’s not beneath your management. The massive canine would possibly come out of nowhere and shock you.

Or possibly the massive canine is one your little canine has met earlier than and is on pleasant phrases with.

Even canine that know one another can battle due to exterior stress, useful resource guarding, or as a result of the big canine’s prey drive is activated.

That’s why it’s essential to know what to do if a canine battle happens and methods to break it up so you’re at all times ready.

Do you know how to  help prevent a big dog from attacking your little dog? Or the safest way to break up a dog fight when one dog is large and the other is small?


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