Victoria Wildlife Elimination:Can Flying Squirrels Truly Fly?


All tree squirrels have the power to leap agilely between bushes, utility, poles, roofs, fences, and different obstacles, however flying squirrels have the power to cowl a lot larger distances within the air. Nonetheless, their title is a misnomer. Whereas their motion resembles flight, it could actually extra precisely be described as gliding.

Do Flying Squirrels Actually Fly?

Flying squirrels are mammals, and there is just one sort of mammal able to true flight: the bat. Flying squirrels appear to fly, however they do not have the power to propel themselves upward, so what they do cannot actually be thought-about flying.

A flying squirrel has a skinny membrane of flesh that connects the entrance foot and the again foot on either side of its physique. The scientific title for this membrane is a patagium. Whereas it could resemble a wing, a greater analogy for the patagium is a parachute or a dangle glider.

When a flying squirrel jumps, it spreads each its entrance limbs and again limbs outward, forming roughly an X-shape. This causes the membranes on both aspect of its physique to unfold out. The membranes create the drag, which slows the squirrel’s descent. The squirrel can transfer its entrance limbs to vary course, and its tail helps to sluggish it down because it lands.

Regardless that flying squirrels do not likely fly, they’ll cowl impressively massive distances whereas gliding. With a single leap, they’ll journey between 150 to 500 ft by some estimates.

The place Do Flying Squirrels Dwell?

There are two species of flying squirrels that stay in North America: northern and southern. The vary of the southern flying squirrel extends to Canada’s maritime provinces, however usually talking, a Canadian flying squirrel is a northern flying squirrel as they’re present in practically each province and territory.

As for his or her habitat, flying squirrels could make properties in both coniferous or deciduous woodlands, however they do like forested areas to allow them to launch themselves from tall bushes. Flying squirrels usually use the deserted nests of different animals relatively than constructing their very own nests. Within the winter, they might hold heat by nesting collectively.

What Do Flying Squirrels Eat?

One of many the reason why flying squirrels make their properties in forests is as a result of they prefer to eat nuts and seeds from the bushes. Nonetheless, they’re omnivorous and opportunistic feeders that may additionally eat fruits, bugs, and fungi. Southern flying squirrels, the much less widespread species in Canada, might also eat scavenge carrion or eat eggs. Together with the membranes that permit it to glide, the flying squirrel’s weight loss program is one factor that distinguishes it from different tree squirrels, most of that are herbivorous and don’t eat animals.

What Do Flying Squirrels Look Like?

Flying squirrels are smaller than most different tree squirrel species. They’re round 8 to 12 inches lengthy and solely weigh round 45 to 82 grams. The lighter weight is a bonus in relation to gliding. Flying squirrels have small heads and large eyes. The fur on their backs is reddish brown, whereas the fur on their bellies is lighter. The northern flying squirrel has silver-gray fur on its stomach.

Probably the most distinctive attribute of the flying squirrel is the patagium on both aspect of its physique that connects the entrance foot to the again foot. The membranes are most noticeable whereas the squirrel is gliding. They’re nonetheless seen when the squirrel retains its legs near its physique however could also be much less recognizable.

Why Ought to You Name Skedaddle for Squirrel Elimination in Victoria?

Flying squirrels might have capabilities that different tree squirrels do not have, however they’ve the identical wants, reminiscent of a secure place to make a nest. Subsequently, flying squirrels might get into your house, requiring you to contemplate learn how to do away with squirrels. There are areas during which northern flying squirrel subspecies are threatened by habitat loss, making humane squirrel elimination much more necessary. Be taught extra about how Skedaddle might help.


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