Sneak Peeks of Tilly and Jett


Love is throughout with lovebirds, Tilly and Jett. Lovely Tilly is a Peach-faced Lovebird whereas beautiful Jett is a Masked Lovebird. Mum has had Tilly for simply over three years and Jett was rescued two years in the past. Tilly is outgoing and really inquisitive to the purpose the place she’s going to fly round discovering all the little hidey holes elsewhere of the home, so Mum has needed to ‘Tilly-proof’ the place! Lol  Tilly, you’re a mischievous one! Jett however is the quieter, unassuming and extra cautious one and he enjoys nothing greater than giving Tilly the limelight! These two are finest buddies and get alongside like a home on hearth! Tilly and Jett, you might be each lovable and you may carry on spreading that love round!


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