Pumpkin Chicken Feeder Makes a Joyful Harvest For Birds


Night Grosbeaks. Picture: Linda Goodman

Halloween, harvest festivals, and normal autumnal celebrations result in an abundance of everybody’s fall favourite: pumpkins. Whilst you partake in pumpkin spice lattes and jack-o-lantern carvings, why not share some gourd indulgences with the birds? This fowl feeder is the right use of an additional or post-trick-or-treat pumpkin. 


• Small to medium sized pumpkin, as much as 10 kilos

• Small sticks

• Twine or rope

• Birdseed


1. Reduce the pumpkin in half.

2. Scoop out the seeds, leaving a hole inside with 1/2-inch thick shell wall.

3. Insert two sticks throughout the open pumpkin to create perches for the birds.

4. Knot two lengths of rope collectively on the heart and tack the knot to the underside of the pumpkin feeder. Dangle the opposite ends of the rope in your chosen feeder location.

5. Fill with birdseed.  


What’s that fowl at your pumpkin feeder? Go to our on-line fowl information or to seek out out! 


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