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On this movie I head to the Isle of Mull in Scotland to observe white tailed eagles, also called sea eagles.

Britain’s largest birds

White tailed eagles have a exceptional 8ft wingspan and are so huge they have been as soon as, famously, described as ‘flying barn doorways’. At this measurement, they don’t seem to be troublesome to identify and inside half an hour of arriving on the island I discover my first, perched excessive within the bushes. Nevertheless it’s not till this gigantic chicken takes off that you just respect its measurement.

Sea eagle tour

White tailed eagles have adopted fishing boats for hundreds of years, hoping to get just a little from the catch. I be a part of Mull Charters to see if I can spot any.

Dolphin pod

Moments after we set off we have been joined by a pod of dolphins. I get an underwater digital camera beneath the boat so I can observe the motion. Dolphins are so playful, hearken to the sounds they make!

Sea eagle dive

The white tailed eagle’s looking method entails flying near the water, scanning for fish after which diving down. Watch how on the final second they flip to know the fish with their huge claws.

Catching fish

White tailed eagles catch fish close to the floor as a result of if their feathers get moist they discover it more durable to fly. They’ve giant beaks which they use to tear up prey.

Sea eagle chick

I even spot a white tailed eagle with a chick. Sea eagles are depending on their dad and mom for about six weeks after they fledge.

Watching from land

You don’t must constitution a ship to see sea eagles. I managed to observe them from the shoreline. Look ahead to the second when one eagle flies over a gaggle of sunbathing harbour seals – they rapidly scarper!


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