Luiz Ejlli truth about Big Brother Albania VIP

“Sick with a tumor? Him or the friend?!” With his contradictory statements, where he once said that he had told the story of a friend and then he was afraid that he was sick, Shkodran singer Luiz Ejli confused all those who watched the “Big Brother Vip” show.

And not only. Immediately after that, a video sequence cut from the “Diagnosis” show broadcast 5 years ago on RTV Ora and published on the YouTube channel RTV Ora began to circulate on social networks, where Luiz Ejlli shows how a random check then led to the realization of a surgical intervention.

In many addresses that this video has been shared, it is implied that Luizi has made interventions for the disease for which he received the center of attention last night, but this is not the truth.

The truth is that we are talking about another non-life-threatening surgical intervention.

But what is similar is the friend’s story.

Even in the story told 5 years ago, Luisi says that it was a friend who instigated the medical check-up that was followed by a forced surgical intervention.

Precisely in the show “Diagnoze” of the journalist Freskida Miloti, which at that time was broadcast on RTV Ora, the singer from Shkodran tells how his friend encouraged him to get diagnosed.

This is what he stated in the video published on December 16, 2017

“Coincidentally, in July of this year, I went for a check-up and then it turned out that I had to have an intervention. I’m not telling you what happened and how it happened, but the intervention had to be done. How did I find out? Coincidence. When you go with a friend, you go to check to see where I am. We went laughing, and exchanged jokes that we drive the car once in 3 months while we don’t drive ourselves once in 10 years”

During the conversation, he admits the lack of culture of medical checks among Albanians and even gives the right advice

“You have to go and get checked. You may think you are fat. But there is nothing out of control and I guarantee that it makes you sleep peacefully.

To the journalist’s question, have you experienced that delicate moment of your health?

Luiz ejlli replied: I lost 8 kilos in 5 days due to stress. When it comes to health, everyone is afraid”

After this moment Luisi says that he made periodic medical visits.

“I suffered it because of my fault, which could be eliminated with a glass of water and some medicine”. Even at the end of the “Diagnosis” show on December 16, 2017, the Shkodran singer thanks the doctor who stood by him.

Even last night during the show, it was announced that Luiz had undergone a surgical intervention a few years ago, but that it was not related to the illness he had talked about inside the BBV house.

The analyzes that were done last night and the answers were received last night at the “Shefqet Ndroqi” hospital center show that his health parameters are good and he returned to the game, while his name and the game have become the main topic of debates and network algorithms social.

Luiz Ejlli, resident of Big Brother VIP has revealed that he suffers from a rare disease that can be cured in only 11 clinics around the world. While talking to Kiara at home, he said that he entered BBV only to earn the money he needs for treatment. During the conversation, it seems that Kiara is worried and asks if it is curable, while Luizi says that everything costs a lot. The singer says that he is bleeding from the mouth, but within the BBV he is justified by saying that he has a broken tooth.

Luiz Ejlli: I have it all over my body and it came out three months before I came here. I didn’t know, but I did a checkup and it came out. I’m going to leave in August, I’m going to go to Bergamo. It also came out last night on my pillow, but I put it in vain, I said I have a broken tooth.

Kiara Tito: You showed it before you came

Luiz Ejlli: I didn’t say it before I entered here and that’s why I entered that I need them. It is costly.

Kiara Tito: Cured

Luiz Ejlli: They say it’s rare and there are 11 clinics worldwide that do it

Kiara Tito: True

Luiz Ejlli: Until August, the clinic was busy, I have to go in August

Kiara Tito: I have no words, I have no words to say

Luiz Ejlli: That’s why I told you that you have no idea. I said to myself…heh…what’s wrong with me, they’re laughing.

Genta Gjalpi spoke today about Luiz Ejlli and the fact that he initially said he was sick with a tumor, but later said no.

Big Brother Genta has stated that Luizi is sick and he knows this from reliable sources.

“I’ve heard this as a story since before “BBV” started, I don’t believe it’s fictional. Some friends who work at the hospital have told me that Luiz is sick, he has an illness that comes and checks him from time to time. We know how it works, tests should be done sober, not after 10 energy drinks. For me as a character he has burned out. The staff tried their best to get him to tell the truth, in the good sense of the word, and he refused, he had an internal struggle and did not know how to take the right direction. He would get the help if he agreed. Let’s hope it’s good but my words came out. I don’t have a personal relationship with him because they kept insulting me. Luiz’s inappropriate harassment of Kiara has been justified by many middle-aged women,” said Genta.

Meanwhile, Dr. Holta Tafa said that Luizi is in good health.

“Patient Luiz was presented due to a complaint of the presence of bloody sputum, there were short episodes, a total of 3 episodes, with a time gap. It was examined and laboratory examinations were normal, including thrombosis analysis, including biochemical. Based on these data, the patient is processed with a simple scanner where, as a result of the response from the doctor, there are no acute pulmonary problems. He also consulted the cardiologist and it turned out to be normal. In these conditions, the patient is recommended antibiotic treatment and a re-check as needed”, said the doctor.

Arbana: So you enjoy full health?

Doctor: Yes

Arbana: There is no tumor?

Doctor: No


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