Luiz Ejlli tells the reason for the separation with Jozefina Topalli’s daughter

Luiz Ejlli has been one of the most commented characters this year after the news that he and Jozefina Topalli’s daughter, Maggie, have separated. The pair were no longer seen together and this fueled the rumor’s, which increased when they removed each other from social media.

Their separation happened a few months ago, but till date, they have not preferred to speak publicly about the reasons. However, invited to “Afternoon on Top Channel”, Luiz Ejlli could not avoid questions from his private life.

The singer clarified that he was not engaged to Maggie Topalli, but simply in a relationship and that their relationship was destined to end. “You know how it was? Like a soap bubble, which comes and blows, rises up, starts to take on beautiful colors, becomes a miracle there and then bursts…”, said Ejlli.

“I had and will always have respect, both for her, for her family and for everything. The years we have passed are not few, they will always have gratitude from me”, Ejlli concluded.

The singer, Luiz Aylli, is one of the most commented characters in the media.

All this because of his statement that he is sick and for this reason he also entered Big Brother VIP Albania.

After that, the analyzes were done and according to the production, he is healthy.

But before that he was known for his relationship with the daughter of Jozefina Topalli. Singer Louis Ailee and Maggie ended their relationship of several years in 2017.

The pair have not declared about this separation and in a short time Maggie found love again and is now the mother of two boys, putting this story behind her.

Meanwhile, we expect to learn about Louis Ejlli private life after the separation in 2017 in “Big Brother VIP”.

After several years together, the Albanian singer Luiz Ejlli and the daughter of former head of parliament Jozefina Topalli, Megi ended their relationship. The couple were never seen together again and so the rumors started to spread, despite neither of them admitting it at first.

Later, it was the singer himself who admitted that everything had ended in the interviews where he was invited. But it seems that Luizi is still hostage to that relationship, as even today he insists that there are no honest women.

“Finding an honest woman today is the same as finding Wifi in Gjirokastër without a password,” the singer writes in the photo published on Facebook. Should this status be dedicated to Maggie?!

Jozefina Topalli’s daughter became famous without doing anything. At first as Jozefina’s daughter, then as Luiz Aille’s girlfriend, and recently the defense of her doctorate was being discussed. After the noise of graduation faded away, new ones appeared.

Megi, that’s her name, was photographed in a bar in the company of a boy.  They are just drinking coffee and at some point they are holding hands. However, these details are not enough to draw conclusions. Who knows what they were demonstrating at that moment. That the photos are deceiving.

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