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High 10 Weird Dinosaurs You Should to Know


Dinosaurs had been as soon as a reptile 230 million years in the past however all of the sudden disappeared all on the finish of the Cretaceous Interval 65 million years in the past, turning into a thriller within the evolutionary historical past of life on Earth. There are additionally many forms of dinosaurs, amongst which there are very peculiar dinosaurs, are you aware which of them?

1. Mamenchisaurus: The lengthy neck is used to win the favor of the alternative intercourse

Often called the giraffe within the dinosaurs, Mamenchisaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur with a neck and tail twice so long as its physique. Whereas many individuals consider that long-necked animals, together with giraffes, developed to acquire meals from taller timber, paleontologists say Mamenchisaurus’s lengthy necks originated from mate choice.

Mamenchisaurus skeleton 1

Museum reproduction – Life-size Mamenchisaurus Skeleton>>

2. Carnotaurus: With bull horns and unusually quick forelimbs

Carnotaurus was a ferocious-looking dinosaur, nevertheless it was additionally a species that puzzled paleontologists. It appears fierce, 25 toes lengthy, with protrusions like bull horns, jaws like a field, and sharp tooth uncovered. Nonetheless, regardless of its giant shoulder blades, its forelimbs are very small. Phil Manning, a British paleontologist, stated: “Carnotaurus is among the most peculiar-looking dinosaur species.”

Carnotaurus animatronic 4

3. Parasaurolophus: Its cranium appears like a banana

Paractenosaurus is a dinosaur that appeared within the sci-fi film “Jurassic Park”. It is among the most peculiar species within the dinosaur kingdom. It has a banana-shaped crown construction. The banana-shaped crown has been hotly debated amongst scientists, with some arguing that it might have improved Paractenosaurus’ capability to odor, or helped regulate physique temperature. Others consider that this crown can transmit sound alerts.

Animatronic Parasaurolophus 4
                                                 Parasaurolophus Fashions>>

4. Triceratops: Its horns are instruments for courtship and territorial institution

Triceratops had three horns on their heads, and this peculiar construction has develop into a subject of controversy amongst scientists. Scientists typically consider that triceratops’ horns might maintain their necks, or be lethal weapons in fight. However at current, many individuals assume that these three horns are simply instruments for displaying off and establishing dominion throughout the courtship interval…

animatronic triceratops 1

5. Spinosaurus: An instance of displaying off wild evolution

About 60 toes lengthy, Spinosaurus was one of many largest carnivorous dinosaur species, even larger than the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. However what paleontologists have been puzzled by is the perform of the 5-foot-long fin-like protrusions on the again of Spinosaurus. Paul C. Sereno, a paleontologist on the College of Chicago, stated: “The sail-like fin can enhance its weight and make it simpler to odor by its prey, however the construction will not be a bonus for it. So I feel this physique construction is only a physique present, It’s making an attempt to show: ‘Hey! I can have 5-foot sail fins, I’m match, I’m larger than you!’

animatronics spinosaurus

6. Epidexipteryx-It’s a shut relative of birds, however can’t fly

Dwelling within the Jurassic interval, with a physique size of greater than 40 centimeters, it belongs to the bird-wing class, representing one of many closest dinosaurs to birds. Epidexipteryx is petite, in regards to the dimension of a pigeon. However as a result of it has no flying feathers, “Epidexipteryx” doesn’t have the flexibility to fly.

4.Epidexipteryx hui

7. Suzhousaurus: Hairless big turkey

The presently identified fossils had been present in Gansu Province, China. Fossils embody partial cranium and higher limb fossils, confirming that they belong to the Therizinosauroidea. In accordance with scientists, Suzhousaurus lived within the early Cretaceous interval. Suzhousaurus could be the most bizarre-looking dinosaur ever found, wanting like an enormous hairless turkey.

8. Gryposaurus: Preventing with nostril

Gryposaurus is a dinosaur of the hadrosaurs. Lived about 83 million to 75 million years in the past. Gryposaurus has a hooked nostril, a “cockscomb” on its head, and its mouth is a duck’s mouth. Though the claws of Gryposaurus are longer than that of extraordinary dinosaurs, the truth is, it principally makes use of its nostril when combating.


9. Microraptor: One of many smallest identified dinosaurs

Microraptor is a small Dromaeosauridae found in Liaoning Province, China, Existed within the early Cretaceous Barremian, about 130 million to 125.5 million years in the past. Practically 10 full fossils have been discovered thus far. Microraptor is among the smallest identified dinosaurs, measuring 55 to 77 centimeters in size. As well as, Microraptor was one of many first dinosaurs to be discovered to have feathers and wings.


10. Tanystropheus: The neck is half the size of the physique

Tanystropheus is a reptile that lived within the Center Triassic, with a physique size of about 6 meters. The principle function is the extraordinarily lengthy neck, which is 3 meters lengthy, longer than the physique and tail mixed.


Since dinosaurs are historic prehistoric creatures, most dinosaurs are “peculiar” to people…peculiar look, habits, traits…We now have additionally been amazed by new discoveries about dinosaurs.




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