Excessive Heels for Loba – Angel Canine Diary


Loba is intrigued that numerous females on Earth are carrying footwear with excessive heels. It looks like a few of the most revered females put on the best heels!

“I’m wondering what it’s for?” she stated, “may or not it’s an equalizer to the male canine? Possibly it helps you run quicker and bounce increased?”

I don’t know why some females put on excessive heels. Zorro and I steered Loba will get a pair, or two pairs, and take a look at for herself. Loba acquired a pink pair and a black pair as she thought they had been the most well-liked colours on Earth.

After just a few days she advised Zorro the footwear had been ineffective for strolling or doing something. Worse, they had been painful and harmful to put on. She concluded their function probably was to stamp on harmful snakes. She was throwing hers away.

“Who on Earth would voluntarily put on these crippling objects of torture?”



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