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Enhancing Toolbox: Find out how to Rescue a Flared-out Picture


By Charlotte Reeves

Have you ever ever tried capturing with backlight and ended up with a picture that’s “flared-out”? This will occur when direct daylight hits the top glass factor of your lens and messes with the optics inside, providing you with a very brilliant, low distinction picture – usually with flare “artifacts” – circles of color or rainbows.

Whereas I do not thoughts somewhat managed flare in a backlit picture, the distinction and brightness can damage the picture – if you do not know methods to repair it within the enhancing course of! It is tempting to simply use the Dehaze slider in Lightroom to “repair” the difficulty, however on this video I will additionally present you what you could do to make the picture look it is best, BEFORE you even contact that slider.

I will additionally present you methods to do away with the cussed pink color forged that always persists in black fur after “fixing” a flared-out picture. HINT: It is best to deal with this in Photoshop as a substitute of Lightroom.

So subsequent time you find yourself with a flared-out picture, you possibly can repair it as a substitute of giving up and tossing it out!


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