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Dinosaur Books for Christmas


Right now of 12 months, as we strategy the run as much as the festive season, workforce members at The whole lot Dinosaur obtain emails asking for guide suggestions, here’s a trio of splendid dinosaur books for Christmas.

All three books have been written by Dr Dean Lomax. Dr Lomax is an English vertebrate palaeontologist and science communicator, a world authority on ichthyosaurs and their shut relations.

Three books written by Dr Dean Lomax.
Dean has lately accomplished three books – “Locked in Time” (left) which is illustrated by Bob Nicholls. “Prehistoric Pets” (centre) and (proper) “Dinosaurs 10 Issues You Ought to Know”. All three books make splendid presents for the festive season. Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur.

“Locked in Time”

Fossils have supplied scientists with a novel perception into life previously. The guide “Locked in Time – Animal Habits Unearthed in 50 Extraordinary Fossils” takes the reader on a journal by way of deep geological time and highlights fifty of essentially the most unbelievable fossil discoveries ever made. Illustrated by Bob Nicholls, fossils mentioned embody brooding dinosaurs, prehistoric fish entombed in large clams, predator dying traps and Jurassic crocodilians with damaged jaws.

Learn The whole lot Dinosaur’s overview of “Locked in Time” right here: “Locked in Time” Reviewed.

Printed by Columbia College Press, this extremely suggest guide is priced at round £25.00.

Discover “Locked in Time” right here (search on the web site for writer Dean Lomax): Columbia College Press.

Fighting Columbian mammoths
One of many dramatic illustrations from the guide “Locked in Time”. A pair of Columbian mammoths (Mammuthus columbi) that died collectively when their tusks turned locked collectively throughout fight. Image Credit score: Bob Nicholls.

“Prehistoric Pets”

“Prehistoric Pets” is aimed on the youthful reader. It hyperlinks animals alive right now with their prehistoric ancestors. Favorite pets had prehistoric animal ancestors and Dr Lomax supplies enjoyable details on fish and their 500-million-year evolutionary historical past, demonstrates that budgerigars are dinosaurs and that guinea pigs are distantly associated to a rodent the scale of a horse!

To learn The whole lot Dinosaur’s overview of “Prehistoric Pets”: “Prehistoric Pets” Reviewed by The whole lot Dinosaur.

The front cover of "Prehistoric Pets".
This vibrant and well-written guide takes the reader on a journey again in time, linking widespread family pets right now with their prehistoric ancestors. Image credit score: The whole lot Dinosaur/Templar Books.

Printed by Templar Books and obtainable as a hardcopy format, this eye-catching and humorous guide makes a perfect Christmas reward for younger readers.

“Prehistoric Pets” by Dr Dean Lomax and illustrated by Mike Love might be bought right here: Waterstones Ebook Retailer.

Seek for writer Dean Lomax to find the books.

“Dinosaurs Ten Issues You Ought to Know”

Dr Lomax builds on his in depth expertise as a science communicator and presents ten bite-sized essays that brings the Dinosauria to life within the 128-page “Dinosaurs Ten Issues You Ought to Know”. He tackles massive concepts in regards to the dinosaurs, their evolution, their variety, how they behaved and their final demise.

Printed by the Orion Publishing Group, “Dinosaurs Ten Issues You Ought to Know” might be discovered right here (simply seek for writer Dean Lomax): Orion Publishing Group.


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