Abandoned Castle in France 🇫🇷

It all happened in Houston, USA, and the incident shocked the entire community of this small neighborhood in the city.

It all started when two spouses decided to buy a house in the area, and they were willing to pay whatever, which is why they finally decided to buy one for $ 400,000. What delighted them was especially that the surface, compartmentalization, and finishes were exactly as they wanted, which is why they were delighted from the beginning with their purchase.

The problem started at one point when they noticed that the kitchen was missing a tile from a wall, hidden through a small closet. When they pushed it aside, they saw that a real hole in the wall was hidden in the back.

urious, they rummaged there with a crowbar but were shocked because they realized that a human skeleton was hidden in the wall. After realizing what kind of discovery they had made, they quickly called the police, and law enforcement opened the investigation.

The fear of the two spouses is so great that they don’t even want to hear about the house, they don’t want to live there anymore and they are willing to sell it even at a tenth of the market price, $ 40,000. Everything to get rid of the house that seriously scared them.

The skeleton is believed to belong to the former owner who disappeared two years ago, Marry Cerruti. Here is a picture of the woman: