🦚 Peacock Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


Flamboyant, eye-catching, and unbelievably beautiful, people have treasured peacocks for hundreds of years. These ornate and colourful birds are sometimes related to opulence, luxurious, and sweetness. Whereas peacocks originate from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and restricted components of Africa, this chicken was already being imported overseas 4 thousand years in the past. Clearly, the connection between people and these magnificent birds is an outdated and storied one. (1)

within the mythology of the peacock? Curious in regards to the symbolic which means of peacock desires? Learn on to find a world of which means related to this distinctive chicken!

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Peacock Symbolism and That means

One of many first bits of knowledge to notice when discussing peacocks is their apparent sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism refers to when men and women inside a species fluctuate in bodily look. Solely grownup male peacocks possess the spectacular fan of tail feathers for which the peacock is so well-known. Peacocks, as a matter of reality, are so sexually dimorphic that it has formed the language we use to debate them. Technically, the phrase “peacock” is just used for the males of the species. Females are referred to as “peahens,” chicks are generally referred to as “peachicks,” and birds of this species are referred to basically as “peafowl.” The sexual dimorphism of peafowl usually associates these birds with masculine and female energies and the strengths and weaknesses that accompany them. (2)

Moreover, the showy tail feathers of the peacock symbolize glamor, confidence, and cockiness. Peacock motifs are regularly hooked up to concepts like luxurious, self-importance, and attract.


Some join the symbolism of the peacock feather with the “evil eye.” The evil eye image, regardless of having such an intimidating identify, is definitely related to safety from evil intentions and energies. The peacock’s tail feathers resembles this image and so they’re usually related. One of many principal makes use of for the evil eye appeal is to forestall curses or in poor health results caused by the envy of others. (3) So, the peacock and its feathers might symbolize safety, divination, and light-weight magic. Some folks do see the connection between the peacock’s feathers and the evil eye to spell misfortune, although. Conserving peacock feathers within the house is warned towards by some superstitious varieties.

Lastly, peacocks shed their magnificent tail feathers annually on the finish of the breeding season. As soon as the male’s tail feathers are fully shed, he’s not fertile and can’t proceed breeding. It’s only when his feathers have grown again that the subsequent breeding season can start. Thus, the peacock might symbolize life cycles, progress, change, and metamorphosis. (4)

Peacock Native American Symbolism

Peafowl are usually not native to the US and couldn’t be discovered within the Americas in any respect till lengthy after Europeans got here and settled into the land. From then on, peafowl have been progressively launched into the US as feral populations. Most feral populations started as escaped or launched home birds. Regardless of their decorative feathers and considerably delicate seems, peacocks are fairly hardy and adapt shortly to new environment. In the US, small populations of escaped or launched pets have bloomed into big populations of feral birds. These populations are thought of dangerous invasive species by many ecological businesses. (5)

Attaching a Native American which means to the peacock could be inauthentic. Nevertheless one would possibly look to those birds as a logo of adaptability and stubbornness, because of their capability to carve out an existence in a international place.

Peacock Christianity Symbolism

Peacocks don’t play a starring function in any explicit Bible verses, nevertheless the peacock is current in numerous biblical imagery. Early Christian artwork usually pictured peacocks ingesting from a vase or spring.

The peacock, in early Christian artwork, is alleged to symbolize everlasting life. That is due to a Greek fantasy which instructed that peacock flesh would by no means rot. This will not be true, nevertheless it was sufficient to cement the peacock, within the minds of early Christian artists, as an animal which represents eternity. Inventive representations which depict a peacock ingesting water symbolize the concept trustworthy Christians drink from the water of eternity. (6)(7)

Moreover, peacocks are so usually related to wealth and royalty that the peacock can be related with God because the “king of kings.” One of many solely mentions of the peacock inside the Bible happens in 2 Chronicles. Referring to King Solomon, the verse states:

“For the king’s ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram: each three years as soon as got here the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks.”

– 2 Chronicles 9:21 (8)

The peacock is used to exhibit the wealth and sources at King Solomon’s disposal.

Peacock Celtic Symbolism

Celtic chicken symbolism is firmly related to supernatural forces. The Celtic Otherworld is commonly related with birds, and plenty of several types of birds are stated to be able to passing between the fabric world and that of the Otherworld. (9)

With that stated, peacocks are once more not native to the areas wherein Celtic cultures developed. Regardless of this, commerce and domestication introduced a lot of Europe into contact with these birds at fairly an early date. Celtic cultures might not have had the identical publicity to the peacock as, say, Indian cultures the place the peacock is native, however the peacock is nonetheless influential.

Many early Christian manuscripts have been illuminated by Celtic monks. These manuscripts generally function illustrations of peacocks using a lot of the identical peacock symbolism as beforehand mentioned within the part on Christian peacock symbolism. Within the Celtic world, too, the peacock is related with eternity. The peacock’s capability to shed its tail feathers and develop them again as magnificent as ever can be used as an allegory for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (10)

Peacock in Goals

Dreaming of the peacock is commonly a really noteworthy expertise. Peacock desires may be wealthy with imagery and really surreal, or they are often extra subdued and mundane. In any case, the looks of a peacock in a single’s dream can present a wealth of insights. Firstly, dreaming of a peacock might point out a sense that one is being watched. Peacock feathers are fairly often likened to eyes. Dreaming of a peacock’s fan of feathers might imply that you just really feel a lot of eyes on you which can include self-consciousness or a way of stress.


Peacock desires may additionally symbolize a need to make one’s fortune. Cash can’t purchase happiness, however it will possibly completely purchase a lot of invaluable alternatives to deal with the issues that you just get pleasure from. Peacock desires point out ambition and need, however watch out to not overlook what is absolutely necessary.

Peacock Encounters and Omens

Encountering a peacock could also be an indication to work on one’s confidence. The peacock’s famously glamorous strut is without doubt one of the issues for which this chicken is most identified. Peacocks don’t concern the envy or judgement of others. They have a good time their pure items with out disgrace. A peacock encounter could also be an indication to establish the issues which might be holding you again and confront them.


Encountering a peahen could also be a reminder to not fixate on appearances. Peahens are simply as invaluable and exquisite as peacocks, even with out that eye-catching fan of feathers. Always remember that your “feathers” don’t make you who you might be. Solely you are able to do that.

Peacock Mythology and Folklore

In Greek mythology, the peacock is related to the goddess Hera. Hera is the queen of the Greek pantheon and the principle consort of the chief god Zeus. Hera is related to regality, fertility, marriage, and childbirth. In keeping with Greek mythology, Hera was usually jealous and vengeful on account of the various lovers that Zeus pursued. One such lover, Io, was reworked right into a calf by Zeus in order that he might preserve her shut with out Hera figuring out. Hera suspected that Io was not what she appeared, although. So, she ordered her servant, a monster with a whole lot of eyes referred to as “Argus Panoptes” (actually many-eyed Argus) to protect the calf. Argus was sworn to by no means look away from Io and was a dutiful servant. To rescue Io, Zeus slew Argus. In honor of his loyal servitude, Hera immortalized his may-eyed face within the sample of the peacock’s tail which she took as certainly one of her symbols. (11)


Peacocks are native to India and intensely cultural necessary there. The peacock is, as a matter of reality, the nationwide chicken of India. Featured in lots of Indian myths and folktales, one of the necessary Indian cultural beliefs concerning the peacock is that this chicken was constituted of the feathers of Garuda. Garuda is a legendary chicken which is alleged to have been the automobile of the god Vishnu. (12)(13)

Peacock Spirit animal

For those who possess the peacock as your spirit animal then you might be most definitely an assertive and assured particular person with a style for the finer issues in life. The peacock spirit animal is unapologetically distinctive and proud, however inside these folks are usually their very own harshest critics.

The peacock spirit animal is liable to severe perfectionism. Individuals with the peacock as their spirit animal count on nice issues from themselves and are sometimes not content material to relaxation on the laurels of their successes. The peacock spirit animal can have a extremely powerful time dealing with failures and might have further assist with a view to soak up failures as progress alternatives.

The peacock spirit animal just isn’t restricted to males, nevertheless it does are inclined to gravitate in direction of a extra masculine power. Individuals with the peacock as their spirit animal are aggressive, assertive, and really vocal about their needs and desires.

If the peacock is your spirit animal then you might discover that you just crave consideration and validation from others. That is pure to an extent, however it can be crucial that you just stay conscious of your core values. Validating, loving, and accepting your self is way more necessary than the reward of others. As an alternative of seeking to others to reward your pure skills and achievements, attempt to re-center your deal with being a sort and beneficiant particular person in direction of whom folks will naturally gravitate.

Peacock Totem Animal

The peacock totem represents therapeutic and protecting energies. Though some superstitions connect misfortune to the “eye” form of the peacock’s feather, this “evil eye” is usually related with safety from curses and in poor health intentions.

The peacock feather is consultant of the protecting forces related to this “evil eye” appeal. Because of this those that possess the peacock totem are naturally in tune with energies and have a particular expertise for repelling negativity and banishing evil from their lives.


The peacock totem is related to empathy and emotional intelligence. Individuals with this totem are mild and attentive in the case of the feelings of others, however might have to take further care to acknowledge and settle for their very own emotional states.

The peacock totem animal brings therapeutic power into relationships. Though folks with the peacock totem may be excessive upkeep, their capability to rejuvenate others makes them preferrred companions.

Peacock Energy Animal

The peacock energy animal is related to appeal. Individuals with the peacock as their energy animal have a pure attract that pulls others to them. The peacock energy animal exudes charisma and infrequently possesses a large circle of buddies and admirers.

Individuals who have the peacock as their energy animal are the last word social butterflies. They will not be everybody’s finest good friend, however they have an inclination to construct deep relationships with a lot of completely different folks with relative ease.


There’s no getting round it. A part of the peacock’s appeal is its lovely look. Individuals who possess the facility of the peacock are usually flashy. Whether or not it’s eyes that catch the daylight excellent or a mouth stuffed with dazzling pearly whites, the peacock energy animal flaunts what it has and by no means fails to impress.

It is crucial that individuals with the peacock as their energy animal make aware efforts to not dwell an excessive amount of on shallow bodily traits. Irrespective of how lovely an individual could also be, an unsightly character makes for an unsightly particular person.

Peacock Tattoo That means

Peacock tattoos could also be chosen as symbols of the peacock’s trademark magnificence and flamboyance. Moreover, tattoos that includes peacock feathers would possibly symbolize safety from darkish magic or unfavorable energies. The peacock’s eye formed feathers are sometimes likened to the protecting “evil eye” appeal.

Peacock tattoos would possibly symbolize the Christian imagery of the peacock as a logo of eternity. This symbolism is considerably outdated, however that hardly invalidates its which means.

Peacock tattoos may additionally symbolize regality, royalty, or pleasure. Just like the mighty Hera of Greek mythology, the peacock embodies majesty and magnificence.

A peacock tattoo may additionally symbolize extra masculine values akin to competitors and virility.

Lastly, one would possibly select a peacock tattoo due to this chicken’s significance in India. The peacock tattoo could also be a logo of nationwide pleasure for an Indian particular person, or a logo of non secular significance for a practitioner of Hinduism.


It’s clear simply by trying on the peacock that this splendid animal is each inspirational and important. Though the geographical areas wherein peacocks are natively discovered are restricted, this beautiful chicken has turn into a world traveler, making its mark on each tradition that meets it. From the annals of Historical Greek mythology to trendy U.S. suburbs, the peacock definitely is aware of tips on how to make an entrance!



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